Judah grew up in a small eclectic town in the foothills of Phoenix, AZ. She played in the nearby washes, ate frozen blueberries, raw almonds and homemade tortillas drenched in Sonoran Desert honey. Life in the desert was filled with garden food, adventures with her dad hiking into the surrounding mountains and plenty of respect for the gnarly wild. It was a rich world full of exploration, cactus needles, bloody knees and the intoxicating aroma of rain on dusty creosote. Judah raised her two sons in the same town, on the same street and on the same property with the devoted support of her parents. To which no one can deny the character of her boys (or Judah’s survival) as a direct reflections of their consist loving and encouraging presence.


In 1996 as she was expecting her second son by the gentle push of her mother Judah began school in massage therapy. It was there that she met her first mentor, Amy Ford. Amy introduced Judah to reflexology, oriental medicine, yoga, music, dance and the life of a troubadour. A whole new world of possibility and wonder opened up to her. After working for several years as a massage therapist Judah became a faculty member at her alma mater where she taught Ethics and Boundaries to incoming students.


Judah entered her first yoga teacher training in 2000. For the next 13 years Judah studied, assisted and taught with countless teachers. Opening her own studio in 2003 along side two vibrant women in her home town, Cave Creek. The old abandoned house/pottery studio turned into a community hub hosting daily classes, specialty workshops and served as an intimate venue for traveling musicians. In 2007 after the small building on the hill was sold Judah sadly closed the doors to Kula Yoga and took her sons on an 8 week Spanish language immersion trip to Guatemala with a life long friend.


A deep curiosity for the world and our human origins sprouted after reading books by Martin Prechtel. In 1995 during a casual search for prenatal books Judah ended up in front of the anthropological section picking up Secrets of the Talking Jaguar, reading the back and thinking to herself, “This will be an interesting book, but I’m not ready for it.” It was years later in the second module of yoga teacher training that a section from Martin’s second book was read and Judah knew it was time. Martin continues to be one of Judah’s most profound teachers, influencing her ability to respect the deeper yearnings of our domesticated lives and the riddles hidden in our everyday. Martin's teachings infuse her work, has made her question history and philosophy, and has shifted her approach to living in the natural world. Giving her a deep desire to be a human worth descending from.


Through the continuing interest in cultures of the world and a desire to learn as much as possible. Judah became one of the first individuals to complete the museum guide training at the newly opened Musical Instrument Museum in 2010. A museum incomparable to any other. Comprehensive in its exhibits are instruments from around the world that each hold a story of their own, from the acquisition of the museum to the traditions of use and the diverse materials. Judah spent 3 years giving tours to school children and adults, also serving in several other volunteer positions. She was blessed by the staff and received the Spirit Award at the first annual volunteer recognition event. Judah mentored many new guides, made friends, inspired countless museum guests and staff, eventually going on to became the MIM Music Theater Manager. A year after beginning tours at MIM Judah realized how much of a treasure museums are and she became a member of the prestigious Las Guias at the internationally recognized Heard Museum, where the traditions of the Southwest’s native peoples are remembered and continually supported.  


After years of studentship to yoga philosophy and asana, Judah went searching for more diversity. She went where everyone goes searching....on Facebook of course! A friend had posted a video called Intrinsic Movement where Emilie Conrad spoke about the otherworldly bodily movements being made on the screen and Judah knew she had to learn more. The quest to find somatic freedom within societies norms led Judah to Continuum Movement. And in 2014 just months after Emilie’s passing Judah joined 30 others from around the world in a Continuum Movement Wellspring Practitioner Training led by Gael Roswood and Robert Litman. Judah is currently on the teacher track through Continuum Body with Gael as her primary mentor. Forever yearning to hydrate what Emilie held, “Movement is not something we do, movement is what we ARE.”


A paradigm shift in the way Judah sees life's hardships reflected in the body occurred in 2012 when she was told by three separate women in the same week to meet Dana Sterling. “It was late at a Starbucks that we met and I remember thinking after our conversation, What kind of whirlwind did I just walk into?!” Dana is a woman unlike any other, she is a brilliant innovator, funny as hell, a force to be reckoned with and a fierce fighter for her clients, friends and revolutionizing health. It is through this mentorship and friendship with Dana that Judah has revisioned the unconscious patterns that lead us to our greatest suffering. The Sterling Method is a systematic approach to healing chronic pain, neurological problems and many named and unnamed syndromes. Information that can change how anyone looks at therapy not to mention the current medical model.


Twenty years of exploring the innate wisdom in the human body, mind and the indigenous soul through experiential living and learning, her commitment to self inquiry gives Judah an honest teaching style. Judah is a Registered Therapist and Educator by ISMETA and has most recently became a Certified Brain Health Coach by The Amen Clinics. She is now bringing the direct knowledge from the Amen Clinics 100,000 brain imaging to help her clients heal their brains through the use of diet, supplements, behavioral interventions, activities and physical movement. With her in depth knowledge Judah works to create an environment where bio-plasticity is fostered to provide life enriching results. Her drive comes from the deep seeded desire to help others re-member health and embrace our birthright, our human potential.


Judah fell in love with and dances Argentine Tango. Her admitted addiction took her to the mecca of tango, Buenos Aires, to be immersed in the milonguero culture for 4 profound months studying with Silvina Valz. She integrates her fascination of life’s complexities, learning potential, embryology, the world’s diverse cultures and the creative arts in a phenomenologists applied philosophy. All this coming through in her speaking engagements, private practice and public classes.

Judah Page 

Somatic Brain Health Coaching

“A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event, like a flame or a whirlpool.”

Alan Watts


“To move the world we must move ourselves.”

                              - Socrates -

Judah Page RSMT & RSME

Learn basic functional anatomy for improved posture and safe movement.

Learn to recognize what creates pain by understanding your unique posture and movement patterns.

Learn simple movement interventions to alleviate tension and achieve flexibility, strength and control.

Turn your brain on through body awaremenss activities.

Good for anyone with a body. 

Movement disorders.

Chronic pain and Idiopathic conditions. 

Stress and tension. 

Trauma survivors. 

Expect passive and active movement.



1 - 60 minute session $70

3 - 60 minute sessions $200

Offering a safe space to explore movement in an unhurried environment. Blending basic postural education with slow flowing movements designed to cultivate awareness through function. This is an excellent class to diversify your movement repertoire while learning to alleviate chronic aches and pains and defrag an exhausted nervous system. Personalized instruction, dynamic and restorative explorations. Class open to all individuals regardless of health conditions and/or physical ability.

Specialized Private Group Classes Available. 


I HELP people who are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stuck. Whether it is from sitting behind a desk, too much repetition of the same thing, injuries or chronic disorders that make you feel like a prisoner in your own life.


Through somatic brain and body training you can learn foundational tools to be an educated mover in life and DO the activities that you no longer feel are or ever have been within your reach.


I coach you how to ACHIEVE safe flexibility, strength and control in your life.

Discover the RESULTS of better health, stress and trauma resilience and creative expression.

Many people have blind spots regarding their posture, habitual physical movements and thought patterns. This can result in physical pain, injuries, tensions, unmet goals, learning struggles, movement disorders and interpersonal difficulties. Through somatic coaching, an individualized and holistic approach that brings a body forward perspective to change and transformation, it is possible to begin to move and carry oneself more naturally and purposefully in the world. In this partnership one can begin to identify and unlock issues that are a source of chronic pain, learn how to develop stress resilience utilizing the most-up-to date brain and body science based tools, tap into creativity and strengthen one’s performance as an artist, dancer, athlete or musician. The more aware we are of our inner world the more potent we are to show up in the outside world, impacting others by design rather than by accident.

"Movement is the language of the brain."

Anat Beniel

Knowing how to care for your brain is the first and most important step to success, in anything you do. When the brain works right, you work right. When the brain is troubled you have trouble.


Brain and Life Health Coaching is useful for people struggling with habit; behavioral, relational and physical. A body, brain and social-emotional intelligence approach to Life Coaching based off of current scientific research. Take the stigma out of personal problems and discover time tested techniques to finally get what you want and need out of life.


A comprehensive assessment will be conducted for individualized recommendations to diet, beneficial activities to target specific brain regions and other practical life tools to aid in healthy thinking, decision making and relating.  

Research shows us that those with an internal locus of control are happier, in better health, more likely to achieve at work, and have lower levels of anxiety and depression.



Learn social Agentine tango from a body conscious approach for feel good dancing. Open to anyone who wants to dance, especially those curious about posture and movement technique relating to tango.

Tango classes are an environment open to everyone. It is a meeting place to socialize, exchange, learn, and practice tango as a way of communication. The idea is to learn and express tango as a meeting of technique, social connection, history and culture.

Classes are fun and playful with a focus on posture, embrace and useful social floorcraft.

Specialized Private Group Classes Available. 



Judah organizes and gives engaging and highly informative presentations. Recently at the Public Library, Healthy Brain Expo II and at local fitness centers along with multiple private events. 

March 4-9, 2018 

Tango Wisdom Virtula Summit

Discussions on Community

Hear from 13 speakers about how to create healthy communities.



Nothing  has given me the success in flexibility, awareness and pain free movement as Judah's approach. It is not a one time magic pill which we would want but a consistent accessable intelligent and fun approach to movement you will be thankful to have as an ongoing practice.

Sharon A. 2017

After a few weeks of working with her, I can truly appreciate the improvements in my movements and posture. Although I started with a focus on dancing, with her guidance, I have gained understanding and ability to sit better, walk better, and move better.  

Inshad C. 2017

Whether you are an Olympic gold medalist, triathlete, yogi, dancer or a senior with creaking joints that wants to get back in the game or get to the next level in your current one, Judah has a way of making it happen.


Her knowledge of the physiology of the body is unparalleled and her "out of the box" approach to the psychology of how to get past that obstacle to get to the next level is magic. Well, I guess magic is an understatement. It's something yet to be labeled.


Think you have tried everything and everyone? You haven't! What are you waiting for?

Pamela B. 2017

How satisfied are you with your physical condition?


Are you satisfied with how your brain is working, in terms of your concentration, memory, thinking?


Are you meeting your goals and able to carry out day to day activities?


Is your personal and social life satisfying?

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